Who is looking after your property?

Do you know who is inspecting your property? First you would think that the property manager would. Or that the tenant would. It is up to the landlord to make sure inspections are done.

I will admit I was not the best with inspection but over there years I am becoming more and more diligent about doing them. Also I like to do them myself to see how the property is maintained.

One time after a tenant left in the cold weather found that there was a draft from under the window.  How could he live like that it was a cold breeze. How much have I lost in heating expenses? If I had done an inspection I would have found it faster and been able to address that concern.

What kind of inspection am I talking about.  It would be your move in/move out form. How often? I recommend once a quarter so 4 times a year.

First Include it in the lease. Inspections every quarter starting on x date. Then be sure to schedule with the tenant. Life does happen and not everyone remembers. Do I have to advise you not to go in the unit without the tenant permission!

What to look for. Take you inspection form and just like you would do on a move out. Notice any damage, deferred maintenance, how are they living clean and sanitary, any bugs, animals. If there are any issues this is the time to address them. Letting stuff go is not going to help you when its time to get them out of  your rental.

If all is OK great see them in 3 month if not give them the right notice to change what needs to be changed. If the landlord needs to address things now would be the best time. This show the tenant you care about the property.


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