When is Housing Going to be Good Again?

That is a question left to each one’s interpretation.

There is an old saying “It’s better to buy real estate and wait, then wait to buy real estate.”

Since I have Google alerts set up for about 40 different terms in some way or another. I see many post and articles about real estate.

Many of which I will tweet it and inturn will post on Facebook.

To go back on point many articles talk that this is the time to invest in real estate. Many use the term Real Estate as not actually real estate but Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT).

Why when they say it is a good time to buy real estate they mean REIT’s?

What is the source of the article/blog post.  If they are finance, stock market, experts that is where they get paid by selling you stocks. It they are major real estate companies they make money on selling you houses.

Let me get back on track, yet again. Here is an article from CNNMoney.  It says prices are going up due to demand. If you look at the  S&P/Case-Shiller home price index in some markets prices are up.

This is just the whole market there are still parts of the market that are no moving or going down. There is another saying out there “All real estate is local” meaning that you can find a good value on one block but the next one is not so good.

Is now the time to buy?

Well that depends with housing prices at the lowest they have been in over ten years. You tell me? When you can buy a house for less than it costs to build it, is it time to buy?

Could this be a way to finance your retirement?

So set up some Google alerts for key terms. Read what is posted by others. Check your local markets, or where you want to invest. Then make a decision is Real estate a good value.


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