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What is the Fiscal Cliff?

In simple terms:

1. $110 Billion in spending cuts.

2. About $400 Billion in tax increases.


Lets break this down a bit more.

The $110 Billion in cuts is the easy part to explain.   $55 Billion in Defense and $55 in non-defense.

Current US budget is about $3.8 Trillion with only  $2.6 Trillion only in revenue. So that means $1.2 Trillion is borrowed.

What does that tell you $100 Billion in cuts is less the 5% of the budget.

Now lets look and the tax increases  If nothing is done buy Jan 1 2013. Taxes for everyone are going up. Not only the people making over $250,000.

I am not going to give you all the numbers on that tax bracket you are in and what you will owe next years. I will just highlight main points.

Bush tax cuts expire.

Capital gains rate increases 5%.

Qualified Dividend Rate 

PEP/ Pease limitations.

Child tax credit  decreases to $500 per child from $1,000.

American Opportunity Tax credit  expires.

Earned Income tax credit expires.

Marriage penalty relief: Expires

Estate Tax: Goes up to 55% from 35%

Alternative Minimum Tax

Payroll tax holiday Expires.

Unemployment benefit extension expires. No more 99 weeks of unemployment back to 26 week.

Tax exemptions for small business expire.

Health care tax come into effect for high income earners.


Not all those above taxes increase you will see. But on the average salary you will pay about 5% more in taxes next year to the Federal Government. This does not include any high taxes on the state or local level.

This is where the $400 Billion come in. That is $400 billion less in the economy to spend. Some are predicting a recession next year if this is not fixed.

Will it be fixed I don’t think so I think the Politicians will kick the can down the road a few month few year. If I have learned anything for history it that it repeats itself.


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4 Things To Keep In Mind For 2013 And Beyond

Now with the Elections over with the planning has to begin.

There was a lot of uncertainty with the elections. With the 2 different philosophies of running the country.

Which made it suck for business it was hard to forecast your business out past the end of the year.

You can be unset or elated about the results. But you can’t change anything about what happened.

Now we can only be opportunist. See where the new opportunities are to come under this administration.

Now it is time to plan for the next few year and STOP complaining about who won and who lost.

What to EXPECT?

1. Higher taxes?? Best to consult with a CPA.

2. Jobs?? If you are selling something jobs are important because with jobs people buy.

3. Money?? Access to money can help grow your business.

4. Regulation?? If you want to stay in business legally have to keep abreast of it.



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3 Strategies to Keep Your Business Alive.

Like many people and businesses the last few years have not been the best. There are a few exception are you one of them? If so don’t read the rest of this.

All 3 Strategies tie together.  I don’t know how you can do one without the other.






1. Goals

Since it is so close to the end of the year have you hit your target sales number? If not did you spend time at the beginning of the year to figure it out? No, huh? Why not? How do you know you can’t do more? Oh wait you don’t want to pay more in taxes, that’s right. You realize the more income comes in the more income there is to spread around. In other words its a lame excuse.

You remember when you started the business do you write a business plan? I hope so, it is not  too late to start one. You want to know where the business is going and who your competition is. How are you different from your competition and what  your USP (unique selling proposition) is.

2. Productivity

Productivity is putting your goals into place and acting on them. With the downsizing over the last few years many companies are doing more with less people. How can you achieve that? Through innovation? Technology? Combination of both?

Technology is away advancing. When I purchased my first property digital cameras were just coming out and they cost a lot. If you wanted to take before and after pics at  tenants turnover  you would have to purchase an expensive camera or use film and then develop it. Now almost all phone come with a camera.

Another example is the credit card. There used to be no way for a small buy and hold investor to take credit cards. It was all expensive and you needed a phone line, meaning not portable. Now with several different manufacturers produce this little card reader that goes on your smartphone, you can take credit cards now. No upfront fees all you pay is a transaction fee as well as your cell phone bill.

Innovation is how are you doing things better than your competition it works in conjunction with your USP. Are you creating a new problem that people did not know they had? Are you willing to integrate a new technology into your business that you know now idea how it works as long as it make you more efficient..

In a recent  Yahoo News article a man hired a person to slap him every time he went on Facebook. He claims that his productivity went up 90%. Now is that being innovative? Productive? Or is that a way to achieve his goals?

3. Education.

The last step is Education.Where are the trends in your business? Is your business as a group growing, stagnant, or going down.  What will that mean for your business? Are you up to date with technology if not that is something you might want to consider learning.


As business owners you should take a personal inventory of what you know and where you want to see the business going.  To see what you are lacking. Then is that something you want to learn or do you want to hire it out? No one said running a business is easy but if you run it the right way the payoff can be immense.


I am open to hear your ideas PLEASE post below


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Is Going to College Worth it

I had a conversation this morning with a women about college. She is as close as you can be to family without being related by blood. Her stance it seemed to me to be, She has been successful due to her college education. So to her success = college education.

While I sit on the other side I have gone and taken some classes but never finished. But I have been successful without a college degree.

There was some back and forth both her and her husband have college degrees. I know she went to college on her own with NO support from her parents. Her husband is an entrepreneur and self employed so he does not have a 9-5 to go to.  But at the same time she want her kids to have a college degree so they can get good jobs. While neither of them have a tradition job.

Is that a good thing to teach your kids?

The last stat I saw was about 60 some odd percent of college graduates don’t have a job. And those that do have a job  how many of them actually use that degree in their work?

No one in my close family actually has a degree for the job they have. Little brother has a Political Science degree, he is in Recruiting. A cousin has a degree in Fire Science, last I heard he still is a cop.

I have heard stories from other that school would have cost $50K per year just to get a $30K per year job after college. Now is that worth it?$ 200K in debt just to earn $30K.

It used to be finish High School go to College. Get a job, find apartment,  buy a car, find a significant other. Get married buy a house, have kids and so on.

Now buying a house will have to be put off and maybe a family as well. Why you ask? The financial aid is a huge debt that has to be paid off. For an education of $20-50K per year. That can amount to $600+ in monthly payments.

School debt is NOT dischargeable in bankruptcy, so that loan amount has to be repaid.

What to do about it? All I will pose is question you have to figure it out for yourselves. 

Do you really need to go?

Can you learn what you need on the job?

Is there a trade school you can go to?

Go to the Military and ger training?

Community College?

Online College?

In conclusion there are many ways to learn. For the most part most people stop learning after college. As an entrepreneur my education is never finished. I am a student for life. There are many ways to get educated. Books, seminars, or online. Many are free or start off free. has so mush free stuff it is mind boggling. I used youtube to set up my websites. Although it takes time, it is free. Another free reasouce it You can learn about any topic there. As the blackboard represents you can put anything you want to learn on it.


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When is Housing Going to be Good Again?

That is a question left to each one’s interpretation.

There is an old saying “It’s better to buy real estate and wait, then wait to buy real estate.”

Since I have Google alerts set up for about 40 different terms in some way or another. I see many post and articles about real estate.

Many of which I will tweet it and inturn will post on Facebook.

To go back on point many articles talk that this is the time to invest in real estate. Many use the term Real Estate as not actually real estate but Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT).

Why when they say it is a good time to buy real estate they mean REIT’s?

What is the source of the article/blog post.  If they are finance, stock market, experts that is where they get paid by selling you stocks. It they are major real estate companies they make money on selling you houses.

Let me get back on track, yet again. Here is an article from CNNMoney.  It says prices are going up due to demand. If you look at the  S&P/Case-Shiller home price index in some markets prices are up.

This is just the whole market there are still parts of the market that are no moving or going down. There is another saying out there “All real estate is local” meaning that you can find a good value on one block but the next one is not so good.

Is now the time to buy?

Well that depends with housing prices at the lowest they have been in over ten years. You tell me? When you can buy a house for less than it costs to build it, is it time to buy?

Could this be a way to finance your retirement?

So set up some Google alerts for key terms. Read what is posted by others. Check your local markets, or where you want to invest. Then make a decision is Real estate a good value.


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The 5 laws of Gold: 5th law of gold.

 Fifth Law of Gold:

Gold flees the man who would force it to impossible earnings or who followith the alluring advice of tricksters and schemers or who trusts it to his own inexperience and romantic desire of investments.

What does it mean?

Basically avoid scams who say they can turn your money to many more. The “Too good to be true” type of scams or the urgency investment cause it will not last.

Now what constitutes a unreal return that is up to you. I have heard of people on that talking box in my living room say anything over 8% is not real.

With the “right” real estate investment you can return up to and over 100% in a year. Thought the 4 ways you make money in Real Estate.

This mean you have to know what someone can and can’t do with in Real Estate or even any other investment.

It is great to think I can make 300% return this year but is that realistic? Maybe with the right investment but you will not know if you have no idea how the investment works. So that also mean not to take someone at there work get involved that is how we learn and expand ourselves.

This was Taken for the book “The Richest Man In Babylon” by George S Clason.


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When Will Your Business Fail?

Finally this past weekend someone showed my some stats I can accept. What do I mean? Well there is a myth out there about business failures. And it goes a little like this “95% of business fail in the first year, and 95% of those fail by year 5, then of those 95% fail by year 10.” Does that give you real motivation to start a business? I think not.

I have tired to search for this information prior but anything that came up was basically crap. I really wanted to find true stat that I could show people an business failures and when they fail so here it is.

The best source of stats that I have found and I use often is from it is the Bureau of Labor and Statistics. They keep stats on all things you can find employment stats dating back to the early 80’s. An FYI this info is the latest that I could find.

The stat are:

Year 1 79.8% are around or 20.2 fail in Year 1.

Year 5 45.2% have failed

Year 10 63.7% have failed

That is starting from 1994-2003

From 2000-2009

Year 1 21.2% are gone

Year 5 53.2% failed

Year 10 67.5% failed

Like this shows it is not 95% are gone.

Like Chart 1 show below 49% of businesses are still in business. If you are confused by my 67.5% failed and the chart says 49%. That is all business at year ten or older read the post in the link below.

 This chart/table is from click the link to view the page.

I know I cut off year 15 click the link above to go to the bls site.

Percent of U.S. total private establishments by age: March 2009


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A Little Bath Room Rehab

Bath Room Face Lift:

As you can seen in the pics the bathroom is a bit dated but that is not the whole reason for replacing a bath. If you look in the pic with the vanity missing on the left you see plywood.

Plywood under tile over time has a tendency to get loose. Why? Wood retains moisture and the mortar comes loose. Yes the floor had loose tile, that is the MAIN reason for the tear out, plus it was a bit dated.













With all the tile and floor gone we found that the joist by the outside wall was about 3/4 of an inch to high. Meaning that joist needed to come down to make the floor level. Not to mention the water I caused by cutting out the floor. Which took a few hours to fix.













With the drywall back up and plywood down this is all just to make sure the walls and floor are as level as they can be. I tried this new product I have not used before “Ditra Schluter” that the manufacture’s name. The product is not cheap almost $2 a square foot.
















Now with the tile down the floor was the pain in the butt with all the cuts. Also took a few days for the mortar to dry since it was sooo hot and humid when the floor want down.

Lets talk a little on Price all the tile, mortar and grout was about $400-$500 from a big box retailer. Wall tiles 13 cents each used over 400 tiles. As for the floor 68 cents each.




























What is left after that is to put in all the accessories. Like mirror, vanity toilet towel bars, toilet paper roll all of it was included with the vanity at the big box retailer for $250, toilet $88 and energy efficient, save money on water use.



























Looks nice, Right? For a little over $1,100 almost the whole bathroom redone. The shower and tube stayed in, it is all fiberglass and still in good shape, no reason to replace something that is still in working order and looks nice. Labor is not accounted for since I did all the work. I put in 2 weekends 4 days and 3. Did not work all that time some days the work was quick due to having to wait for stuff to dry.   But lets say I spend 40 hours and at $20 per hour that adds up to $800. All in with labor and materials just under $2,000.

What is my return on Investment? Can now I ask for more rent? Most likely. If the house worth more now? Most likely. What will happen now? Right now, nothing the tenant has a new bathroom no increase in rent. I feel it will make them say longer.

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The 5 Laws of Gold: Forth Law of Gold

Fourth Law of Gold:

Gold slipith away from the man who invests it in business or purposes with which he is not familiar or which are not approved by those skilled in its keep.

What does it mean?

Lets take  a look at Warren Buffett know as the Oracle of Omaha. What is his investment strategy? Purchase cash flowing companies and stocks that pay dividends. Buffett does not speculate on investment, he did not invest in the tech bubble. They where sound investment that made him now the second richest man in America.

Look at Enron, MCI, Lehman Brothers, or Bernie Madoff all are not around anymore. They were not skilled in its keep. They lied and cheated investors out of money All the companies are not around anymore and only a few are in jail for there fraud.

When you invest your money be sure you are familiar with how it is being invested. If you are not on top of your investment which we are thought now a days. To turn it over to Wall Street and check back when you retire not knowing how the money is invested.

If your Brother-in-law may ask you to invest your money in a bakery but does he know how to run a bakery? If neither of you do it sounds like a bad investment. When it fails it should not be a surprise.

When you invest you money be sure that person is skilled in its keep and know how to make more of it.



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