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Rental Licensing Ordinance

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What is a “Rental Licensing Ordinance” is a sense to Police landlords. Skokie a suburb of Chicago wants an Ordinance that will require property owner and/or property managers to pay per rental. It is $10 per unit for property managers and $25 for owners. I don’t thing they fees overlap its one or the other. Is this good? The city would …

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10 Things even Donald Trumps Does.

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This is list is in no particular order, kind of. 1 Run your apartments like a business. Your unit(s) either being 1 or 10 is a business. Have business card, a separate number for your tenants to have. Have all or most  the forms you need to communicate with your tenants. 2 Screen your tenants …

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What Are 4 Ways Real Estate Investors Make Money?

By: Damian Gadal

1. Cash flow The money left over after expenses are paid and the mortgage is paid. Anything left over money in your pocket. 2. Depreciation A phantom tax loss that the IRS lets you take off and pay less in tax at the end of the year. Most homes are depreciated over 27.5 years but …

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What are you doing to build your relationships??

By: Government & Heritage Library, State Library of NC

I went to an internet prophets event June 8-10. At the event they were talking about relation building. That every month you should be building a relationship with your clients, right? The are the ones that buy product from us. One of the speaker said something profound I am going to paraphrase “At the end …

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