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Where do you invest?

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I ask do to the fact that most people don’t know how to invest. The large brokers make you think that trading paper assets is investing. It can be, but there are more then just paper assets. Can you name the different asset classes?  1. Paper assets: What is a paper asset? Stocks, Bonds, Mutual …

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How To Find A Good Partner.

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Books have been written about this topic and rewritten. It’s kind of like dating you go out with a person then you realize they are not a fit for you. Finding a partner they can compliment you take a lot of finding what you don’t want. Going back to the dating scene is about 50/50 …

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Gen Y The Next Wave of Renters

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Who if Gen Y? Well that term is subjective no one can agree on the the years. I like the years that the book “The Age Curve” has, so I will use that. Baby Boomers 1946-1964 Gen X 1965-1984 Gen Y 1985-2010 according to the book the last generation was 25 years long has not …

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Rental Licensing Ordinance

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What is a “Rental Licensing Ordinance” is a sense to Police landlords. Skokie a suburb of Chicago wants an Ordinance that will require property owner and/or property managers to pay per rental. It is $10 per unit for property managers and $25 for owners. I don’t thing they fees overlap its one or the other. Is this good? The city would …

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Savers are Losers (Part 2)

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Yesterday my post gave examples of how saving in a bank people lose money. Now I will give you examples of how you can make more. May favorite investing strategy is real estate investing. I will give you some example of investing with out getting dirty or leaving the house. Well you might want to leave the house. How do you …

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Smoke Free Living

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With Wisconsin anniversary of the smoking ban in buildings, 2 years now. Now it is time to get them to stop smoking in and around your units. Living in a apartment house a smokers smoke can get into another apartment. If you’re anything like me I HATE the smell of smoke. If you smoke and want …

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Time to Buy Real Estate!!

By: Anthony Easton

Well is it? I always think it’s a good time to buy real estate. More and more folks out there are saying now it the time. Most of them are financial analyst so the plug REIT’s. What is a REIT, its Real Estate Investment Trust. I look at it as buying shares in a company …

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10 Things even Donald Trumps Does.

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This is list is in no particular order, kind of. 1 Run your apartments like a business. Your unit(s) either being 1 or 10 is a business. Have business card, a separate number for your tenants to have. Have all or most  the forms you need to communicate with your tenants. 2 Screen your tenants …

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Apartment Vacancy at its Lowest in Years.

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Have you read any article over the last 10 days about how low vacancy is? I guess Reis came out with its 2nd quarter results for apartments. So every one now is coming out with what they think it meant. I have read a few articles that is multi-family in a bubble. How did they …

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By: Shane Adams

In some markets rental are becoming scarce. With the population growing and Gen Y’ers are starting to move out vacant apartments are in short supply. What does that mean to building owners? 1. More qulified tenants. 2. Higher rents. 3. Faster turn-over. What does it mean to tenants? 1. Need to watch spending (to qualify for apartment) 2. High …

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