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CalPERS dismal 1% return

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A few days ago CalPERS came out and said that the last 12 month the pension fund only made get this a whole 1% return, WOW. What is CalPERS? CALifornia Public Employee Pension System.They are the largest pension system in the country with 233 billion under management for about 1.6 million public employees. CalPERS runs …

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Real Estate Investing 101

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The more time I spend¬†writing¬†for my blog the more time i spend reading. With Google Alerts and Google Reader I get a lot of articles in my inbox. Most are a waste that has nothing to do with investing and real estate. And then their are some I like and just pass it along only …

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Work the Warren Buffett way?

By: Thierry

Work the Warren Buffett way? What do you mean? Many know who Warren is, he is the third richest person in the world. He is what we call a value investor. So that mean he will not buy Facebook or another company that does not make enough money to pay for the share price. He …

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