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The 5 laws of Gold: 5th law of gold.

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 Fifth Law of Gold: Gold flees the man who would force it to impossible earnings or who followith the alluring advice of tricksters and schemers or who trusts it to his own inexperience and romantic desire of investments. What does it mean? Basically avoid scams who say they can turn your money to many more. The “Too good to be true” type of scams or the urgency investment cause it …

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Riches in Niches: Why I Became A Nichepreneur

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It’s safe to say that I was good at my job. Actually, very good at my job.  I loved working in public relations, and invested time, energy and money into my career.  It showed, too — my clients were pleased, my supervisors was pleased, and I was pleased with the work I did. For ten years, that was enough.  I spent a decade in …

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Pending Home Sales Slip


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Savers are Losers (Part 2)

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Yesterday my post gave examples of how saving in a bank people lose money. Now I will give you examples of how you can make more. May favorite investing strategy is real estate investing. I will give you some example of investing with out getting dirty or leaving the house. Well you might want to leave the house. How do you …

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Affordable Care Act Was Upheld Now What?

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Since the Affordable care act was upheld a few weeks ago I understood why the Hospital stock went up. Now they will not take a loss on those who can’t pay. With the law upheld what does that mean for Real estate investors? I was wondering what this meant for us in general I knew …

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10 Things even Donald Trumps Does.

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This is list is in no particular order, kind of. 1 Run your apartments like a business. Your unit(s) either being 1 or 10 is a business. Have business card, a separate number for your tenants to have. Have all or most  the forms you need to communicate with your tenants. 2 Screen your tenants …

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In 36 Seconds 7 Properties SOLD.

Really?? Well sort of, the delinquent property tax lien sale Yes. When you don’t pay your property taxes you get a late penalty and a lien on your property. Now depending where you live that amount can vary. What I am going to share with you is what I know about the Chicago area and several counties. What the …

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What Are 4 Ways Real Estate Investors Make Money?

By: Damian Gadal

1. Cash flow The money left over after expenses are paid and the mortgage is paid. Anything left over money in your pocket. 2. Depreciation A phantom tax loss that the IRS lets you take off and pay less in tax at the end of the year. Most homes are depreciated over 27.5 years but …

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3 Ways to earn Passive Income

By: Thierry

I am going to define it the way I see it. Passive investing is making money with out you working. Meaning when you sleep you making money. When you at the movies, you making money. When you’re out to dinner you making money. When you’re out playing with the kids, you making money. When you’re …

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