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How To Find A Good Partner.

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Books have been written about this topic and rewritten. It’s kind of like dating you go out with a person then you realize they are not a fit for you. Finding a partner they can compliment you take a lot of finding what you don’t want. Going back to the dating scene is about 50/50 …

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Gen Y The Next Wave of Renters

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Who if Gen Y? Well that term is subjective no one can agree on the the years. I like the years that the book “The Age Curve” has, so I will use that. Baby Boomers 1946-1964 Gen X 1965-1984 Gen Y 1985-2010 according to the book the last generation was 25 years long has not …

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Riches in Niches: Why I Became A Nichepreneur

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It’s safe to say that I was good at my job. Actually, very good at my job.  I loved working in public relations, and invested time, energy and money into my career.  It showed, too — my clients were pleased, my supervisors was pleased, and I was pleased with the work I did. For ten years, that was enough.  I spent a decade in …

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Economic Indicators From the US CENSUS

Stats from the US CENSUS  Housing Vacancies and Homeownership Homeownership Rate (HR) The homeownership rate in the second quarter 2012 (65.5 percent) was lower than the second quarter 2011 rate (65.9 percent). The homeownership rate in the South was lower than the corresponding second quarter 2011 rate, while the rates in the Northeast, Midwest, and West …

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Pending Home Sales Slip


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Savers are Losers (Part 2)

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Yesterday my post gave examples of how saving in a bank people lose money. Now I will give you examples of how you can make more. May favorite investing strategy is real estate investing. I will give you some example of investing with out getting dirty or leaving the house. Well you might want to leave the house. How do you …

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Forbes Post

Last night I read an article on Forbes.com and my rebuttal to the article by an economist.  Title of the article “Why You Should Love Government Deficits.” On the bottom Click to expand comments to read my comment. Try Audible Now and Get A FREE Audiobook!   Be sure to like us on Facebook and Join our Newsletter Share/Bookmark

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Savers are Losers

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If you have a savings account you are a loser! OK not calling you a loser but you are losing money. Here is how what are you getting in interest i check prior to publication BMOHarris site if you had less then $2500 it .01%. Money Markets and CD’s did not fair any better 1.193% for …

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Time to Buy Real Estate!!

By: Anthony Easton

Well is it? I always think it’s a good time to buy real estate. More and more folks out there are saying now it the time. Most of them are financial analyst so the plug REIT’s. What is a REIT, its Real Estate Investment Trust. I look at it as buying shares in a company …

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In 36 Seconds 7 Properties SOLD.

Really?? Well sort of, the delinquent property tax lien sale Yes. When you don’t pay your property taxes you get a late penalty and a lien on your property. Now depending where you live that amount can vary. What I am going to share with you is what I know about the Chicago area and several counties. What the …

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