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When is Housing Going to be Good Again?


That is a question left to each one’s interpretation. There is an old saying “It’s better to buy real estate and wait, then wait to buy real estate.” Since I have Google alerts set up for about 40 different terms in some way or another. I see many post and articles about real estate. Many of which …

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The 5 laws of Gold: 5th law of gold.

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 Fifth Law of Gold: Gold flees the man who would force it to impossible earnings or who followith the alluring advice of tricksters and schemers or who trusts it to his own inexperience and romantic desire of investments. What does it mean? Basically avoid scams who say they can turn your money to many more. The “Too good to be true” type of scams or the urgency investment cause it …

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When Will Your Business Fail?

Pivate sector biz by age

Finally this past weekend someone showed my some stats I can accept. What do I mean? Well there is a myth out there about business failures. And it goes a little like this “95% of business fail in the first year, and 95% of those fail by year 5, then of those 95% fail by year 10.” Does that …

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The 5 Laws of Gold: Forth Law of Gold

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Fourth Law of Gold: Gold slipith away from the man who invests it in business or purposes with which he is not familiar or which are not approved by those skilled in its keep. What does it mean? Lets take  a look at Warren Buffett know as the Oracle of Omaha. What is his investment strategy? Purchase cash flowing companies and stocks that pay dividends. …

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The 5 Laws of Gold: Third Law of Gold

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Third Law of Gold Gold clingith to the protection of the cautions owner who invests it under the advice of men wise in it’s handling.   What does it mean? Your Investment Team. There is and old saying “the most expensive advice is free.” When you ask say your mechanic would ask him for stock tips or rental real estate? …

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When Evaluating Properties: Look at the Property Tax

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This past weekend the Chicago Tribune had an article about the taxes that city’s put on their tax payers. For example the City of Bellwood Illinois, with a population of 19,200 has a debit of $99 million. Have of the property tax bill goes to pay for the debt. Is seems that some elected official feel it their part to take on debit to benefit the …

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How To Find A Good Partner.

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Books have been written about this topic and rewritten. It’s kind of like dating you go out with a person then you realize they are not a fit for you. Finding a partner they can compliment you take a lot of finding what you don’t want. Going back to the dating scene is about 50/50 …

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Gen Y The Next Wave of Renters

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Who if Gen Y? Well that term is subjective no one can agree on the the years. I like the years that the book “The Age Curve” has, so I will use that. Baby Boomers 1946-1964 Gen X 1965-1984 Gen Y 1985-2010 according to the book the last generation was 25 years long has not …

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Riches in Niches: Why I Became A Nichepreneur

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It’s safe to say that I was good at my job. Actually, very good at my job.  I loved working in public relations, and invested time, energy and money into my career.  It showed, too — my clients were pleased, my supervisors was pleased, and I was pleased with the work I did. For ten years, that was enough.  I spent a decade in …

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Economic Indicators From the US CENSUS

Stats from the US CENSUS  Housing Vacancies and Homeownership Homeownership Rate (HR) The homeownership rate in the second quarter 2012 (65.5 percent) was lower than the second quarter 2011 rate (65.9 percent). The homeownership rate in the South was lower than the corresponding second quarter 2011 rate, while the rates in the Northeast, Midwest, and West …

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