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When Evaluating Properties: Look at the Property Tax

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This past weekend the Chicago Tribune had an article about the taxes that city’s put on their tax payers. For example the City of Bellwood Illinois, with a population of 19,200 has a debit of $99 million. Have of the property tax bill goes to pay for the debt. Is seems that some elected official feel it their part to take on debit to benefit the …

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Rental Licensing Ordinance

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What is a “Rental Licensing Ordinance” is a sense to Police landlords. Skokie a suburb of Chicago wants an Ordinance that will require property owner and/or property managers to pay per rental. It is $10 per unit for property managers and $25 for owners. I don’t thing they fees overlap its one or the other. Is this good? The city would …

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Time To Sell Your House Now What??

By: Diana Parkhouse

When it comes time to sell you property what do you do? Do you want the cash at closing or do you want to  purchase another property?  The Chicago Tribune just had story addressing that issue, It’s a good read either you are a owner selling or and investor selling a income property. The article does …

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Cook County Looking to Start a Land Bank?

According to the Chicago Tribune Cook County is looking to get rid of properties. They are looking to start in the south side working with other communities to create a land bank. With more properties out to the market maybe some of them will be turned around?   Click Here to read the story.   For those who don’t know what Land Banking is, …

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