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Gen Y The Next Wave of Renters

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Who if Gen Y? Well that term is subjective no one can agree on the the years. I like the years that the book “The Age Curve” has, so I will use that. Baby Boomers 1946-1964 Gen X 1965-1984 Gen Y 1985-2010 according to the book the last generation was 25 years long has not …

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Pending Home Sales Slip


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Rental Licensing Ordinance

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What is a “Rental Licensing Ordinance” is a sense to Police landlords. Skokie a suburb of Chicago wants an Ordinance that will require property owner and/or property managers to pay per rental. It is $10 per unit for property managers and $25 for owners. I don’t thing they fees overlap its one or the other. Is this good? The city would …

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Forbes Post

Last night I read an article on Forbes.com and my rebuttal to the article by an economist.  Title of the article “Why You Should Love Government Deficits.” On the bottom Click to expand comments to read my comment. Try Audible Now and Get A FREE Audiobook!   Be sure to like us on Facebook and Join our Newsletter Share/Bookmark

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CalPERS dismal 1% return

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A few days ago CalPERS came out and said that the last 12 month the pension fund only made get this a whole 1% return, WOW. What is CalPERS? CALifornia Public Employee Pension System.They are the largest pension system in the country with 233 billion under management for about 1.6 million public employees. CalPERS runs …

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Affordable Care Act Was Upheld Now What?

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Since the Affordable care act was upheld a few weeks ago I understood why the Hospital stock went up. Now they will not take a loss on those who can’t pay. With the law upheld what does that mean for Real estate investors? I was wondering what this meant for us in general I knew …

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Real Estate Investing 101

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The more time I spend writing for my blog the more time i spend reading. With Google Alerts and Google Reader I get a lot of articles in my inbox. Most are a waste that has nothing to do with investing and real estate. And then their are some I like and just pass it along only …

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By: Shane Adams

In some markets rental are becoming scarce. With the population growing and Gen Y’ers are starting to move out vacant apartments are in short supply. What does that mean to building owners? 1. More qulified tenants. 2. Higher rents. 3. Faster turn-over. What does it mean to tenants? 1. Need to watch spending (to qualify for apartment) 2. High …

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Time To Sell Your House Now What??

By: Diana Parkhouse

When it comes time to sell you property what do you do? Do you want the cash at closing or do you want to  purchase another property?  The Chicago Tribune just had story addressing that issue, It’s a good read either you are a owner selling or and investor selling a income property. The article does …

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Is foreiners buying real estate in America bad for America?

By: Ewen Roberts

Is it bad that foreigner come to the US and buy real estate? A current article click here, talks about how the Chinese bought real estate in Teledo. Yet another article click here, talks about Hungarian’s to set up a fund to buy 500 homes in Michigan and Georgia. Is that a bad thing? Foreigners look to the US real estate market …

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