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With Wisconsin anniversary of the smoking ban in buildings, 2 years now. Now it is time to get them to stop smoking in and around your units. Living in a apartment house a smokers smoke can get into another apartment. If you’re anything like me I HATE the smell of smoke.
If you smoke and want to let your tenant smoke. Read this article Click here to read about the cost to remediate apartments that are left behind by smokers.

Have you ever gone into a house or apartment after a smoker left? It is disgusting the wall are all yellow. If you can picture grease on your vent hood in the kitchen then that is what the whole house looks like. It’s in everything appliance, light fixtures, fan motors electrical plugs. Everything need to be replaced. Who pays for it? The security deposit is only one or two month. I guess you the investor does.

How can you prevent smoking from occurring on your property? Lets start off by saying smoking is not a protected class. You are not violating their rights. Signs in the building help but the best way to implement a smoking ban on your property is in the lease. I would suggest talking to your Attorney on how to word it. For more on creating a smoke free building/house read this article. 

So smoking bad for you health and your buildings and houses.

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  1. David Piotrowski

    Thanks for the post I know nothing about smoking just the by product it causes.

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