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Abundance: The Future is better than you think

I started this book and then I thought is was kind or boring. That is till I heard an interview with one of the authors. Which then renew my interest and excitement in the book.

What do the book not touch on?? The idea behind the book it seem was to show an optimistic view of the new 25 years. And to show case many of the new technology that is in production and soon to later be available to the masses.

Peter H. Diamandis one of the Authors and the person who started the “X Prize”  had many go examples in the book of what the future holds.

One of them was a Tricorder remenber Star Trek? Bones used it to diagnosis patients. They want to develop a tool to be used by anyone. Due to some parts of the world be short Doctors. To be able to diagnosis patients better then a Doctor would. That would revolutionize Health Care!!

I will give you one more example of what science is working on right now. It is bacteria that goes bio-diesel. With the projection to be able to grow about 10,000 barrels of bio-diesel a year is a staggering amount. I like this cause it might come a home grow kit. How would you like to grow your own fuel?


If you are interested in finding out more about the book go ahead and click on it.


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