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The books I recommend are all audio book. At times I use listen or read I mean the same thing. For whatever reason I can’t sit a read a book. In my live I have only read 3 books cover to cover. Some of you might say sad for me but I don’t look at it that way. Most Americas only read 3-7 books. Click Here to see a poll and I know it from 07. With audio books in the last 6 months I am at over 50. It’s a lot easier for me to go to the gym, drive, take a walk, cooking, go to the park with my son, and go shopping all with headphones on.

I am going to give you my Best Practices with Audio books. Where to find them and how to you it best.

Let’s start with FREE:

The library I like this one cause it free. It also helps if you have a local library. I have gotten CD’s cassette tapes and digital downloads and a few book for references. They don’t always have the latest book it they do it can have a large waiting list. Check to see if your library offers digital download. Just like regular book you can check them out download them read/listen to them and it expire on a given day. My local library uses the software call OverDrive, yes there is a app for it. It can be downloaded on to your computer and loaded into you IPod/IPhone.

Here is one of my Best Practices. When I download it to the IPod and start to listen to it I like to press the button in the upper right, under the time left and listen to it a 2X. I do that because most books are read so slow, that it seems to me that it is a conversation not being read aloud to me. By doing this it cut the book like by about a 1/3-1/4. So a 7 hour book could be under 5 hours. I have only run across one audio book that was too fast for me on 2X. So try it if you can do it run it at 1X that’s fine too.


Now lets go to Pay:

I Love using many book that are new release show up here. Now I not saying you have to use audible, it’s was I use. My Best Practices stand for here too. I import my audio books to ITunes. There is no wait time can download any book at you convenience. It is all digital download so follow the instructions.

1 FREE Audiobook RISK-FREE from Audible

Now I have found a Best Practice for here to. The best thing to do is sign-up for the membership. Why? Credits, there are a few different plan; I choose the 2 credits per month. I like this way I get 2 new books to choose from. Once you have a membership they also send you from time to time deal that are not offered to the public. So then I usually get more then 2.

Now what? Watch your credits in the checkout and choose the most expensive books. If you don’t do that you could be charged for the more expensive ones and the ones that are cheaper would be used with you credits which might cost more. Then Download and Listen to your books.


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Note: All books here I have either read or started and have not yet finished. Only a  handful have not been finished.  Share/Bookmark

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