Real Estate Investing 101

The more time I spend writing for my blog the more time i spend reading. With Google Alerts and Google Reader I get a lot of articles in my inbox. Most are a waste that has nothing to do with investing and real estate. And then their are some I like and just pass it along only a few I share my thoughts on.

The one I am going to share with you is by Donna S. Robinson CLICK HERE for the article. She shared a little about investing in real estate. She also point out a saying by Warren Buffett  “he never invests in any business if he does not understand how they make their money.” I think that idea is so true. I enjoyed the article hope you will too.

Also I an article this week from a teacher at a collage by St. Louis that you should pay for rental houses in cash and not have the bank as a partner. I will disagree with that ideology, I would be better off buying 4 houses then one. With 4 houses my risk is spread over more assets. If one burns down I don’t have any more income. With 4 in one burns I still have 3 more. Is something happens at the house out of your control and a lawsuit is filed and you have no mortgage what are the odd they will try and take the house. If a mortgage is on the house less likely they would want to take it away from you. Also I loss a deduction off my taxes, the mortgage.

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