In some markets rental are becoming scarce. With the population growing and Gen Y’ers are starting to move out vacant apartments are in short supply. What does that mean to building owners?

1. More qulified tenants.

2. Higher rents.

3. Faster turn-over.

What does it mean to tenants?

1. Need to watch spending (to qualify for apartment)

2. High rents.

3. Longer to find a place.

4. Might need to go further out to find an apartment.

5. New facilities (more demand  = more units built)

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There are good and bad point for both time will only tell what will happen. Also CLICK HERE to read and article about the lack of apartments in Columbus, Ohio. And how long it took a couple to find a place to live. I would like to get some feed back on places like Columbus that have no apartments to rent.

Here is article #2 about the lack of rentals, Click Here. This time in West Virginia. For this area it is due to oil working coming to town.

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