Is Going to College Worth it

I had a conversation this morning with a women about college. She is as close as you can be to family without being related by blood. Her stance it seemed to me to be, She has been successful due to her college education. So to her success = college education.

While I sit on the other side I have gone and taken some classes but never finished. But I have been successful without a college degree.

There was some back and forth both her and her husband have college degrees. I know she went to college on her own with NO support from her parents. Her husband is an entrepreneur and self employed so he does not have a 9-5 to go to.  But at the same time she want her kids to have a college degree so they can get good jobs. While neither of them have a tradition job.

Is that a good thing to teach your kids?

The last stat I saw was about 60 some odd percent of college graduates don’t have a job. And those that do have a job  how many of them actually use that degree in their work?

No one in my close family actually has a degree for the job they have. Little brother has a Political Science degree, he is in Recruiting. A cousin has a degree in Fire Science, last I heard he still is a cop.

I have heard stories from other that school would have cost $50K per year just to get a $30K per year job after college. Now is that worth it?$ 200K in debt just to earn $30K.

It used to be finish High School go to College. Get a job, find apartment,  buy a car, find a significant other. Get married buy a house, have kids and so on.

Now buying a house will have to be put off and maybe a family as well. Why you ask? The financial aid is a huge debt that has to be paid off. For an education of $20-50K per year. That can amount to $600+ in monthly payments.

School debt is NOT dischargeable in bankruptcy, so that loan amount has to be repaid.

What to do about it? All I will pose is question you have to figure it out for yourselves. 

Do you really need to go?

Can you learn what you need on the job?

Is there a trade school you can go to?

Go to the Military and ger training?

Community College?

Online College?

In conclusion there are many ways to learn. For the most part most people stop learning after college. As an entrepreneur my education is never finished. I am a student for life. There are many ways to get educated. Books, seminars, or online. Many are free or start off free. Youtube.com has so mush free stuff it is mind boggling. I used youtube to set up my websites. Although it takes time, it is free. Another free reasouce it khanacademy.org. You can learn about any topic there. As the blackboard represents you can put anything you want to learn on it.


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