Is a yearly rental fee good or bad?

Not to far away in Merrillville Indiana the city consul voted to a implement a $100 rental fee. Per the article Click Here to read it, it is per unit. Now I get that some property managers and landlords could not maintain the properties. But the money that will be collected to my understanding is going to go to the police department. How is that going to improve the condition at they places that are run down?

I don’t think it will. It’s not like some property managers can pass along the added expense. Due to the voucher program rents being maxed out. How is this going to help the renter? More Police? Is that going to mean faster response time?

What is that going to mean for rental valuations? Does that mean now that the a 100 unit complex is going to be worth less due to the $10,000 fee going to be paid every year?


Would like to know your thoughts please comment below.


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