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Why I started this site:

The First thing I would like to tell you is not to trust me. I can only tell you about what I know though my experiences in life and investing.

Well years ago when I was younger I had a rather large building. At least for a 24 year old w/ a full time job it was. I has no resources expect my mother. The other building owners did not want to give out there information. I still see a lot of that with real estate investor. So needless to say with the property I wore all the hats, Property Manager, Maintenance Man, Book keeper, Landscaper, and Cleaning lady. I was not happy working 40 + hours a week plus trying to maintain the building was TOO MUCH. After about 4 years we sold it, such a weight was lifted off my shoulder.

Why was it to much I though? After getting a hold of a book called RICH DAD POOR DAD. My learning just began and I came to a few conclusions. 1 we paid to much on the property and left with no cash flow at the end of the month. Then 2 green behind the ears. 3 I talk to much still do, lol. 4 could not find any resources to help.  Had only 1 book “Landlording 101″ I believe, and you’ll find out I am not much of a reader.

Now let my go back to the “why.” Many investors hoard information about real estate investing. Why? Scared you might compete with them for properties. Is that true? Well maybe. Most people don’t think there are deals out there. The more you look and talk to other the more you find.

Back about ten years ago information was not that abundant as it is now. With blog, podcast, internet radio and it being so easy to publish a book nowadays.  Nor did I know where to look. Books is the only place I knew other then asking mom. She did not know a lot of what i needed, Sorry Mom. I like the old saying “you don’t know what you don’t know.”

Also with going to different Property Management training I find the instructors don’t know how get the information out to the everyday owner to help them run their business. That is where I felt I could help and such starts my journey with www.PassiveInvestor.com

Finally i should add that i do have my Real Estate License in Illinois (478.011686).


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