Affordable Care Act Was Upheld Now What?

Since the Affordable care act was upheld a few weeks ago I understood why the Hospital stock went up. Now they

will not take a loss on those who can’t pay. With the law upheld what does that mean for Real estate investors?

I was wondering what this meant for us in general I knew that meant high taxes for us. But what did it mean for us as Real Estate investor. Then I ran across this blog post for Medial space. I has an Ah-ha moment.

According to the article by Marcus & Millichap we are shy of about 60 million square feet of Medial Space. For those of you who like Office here you go.
So it’s time to buy old space and rehab it or build it to accommodate it for the upcoming windfall.

With that said how many Doctors will we need? Will they be enough of them to fill 60 million square feet of office space? Will there be such a huge demand on doctors that it will take a long time to schedule a visit? If that so what does it mean?

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  1. David Piotrowski

    Its not very complexional. How do you feel it will effect you?

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