A Little Bath Room Rehab

Bath Room Face Lift:

As you can seen in the pics the bathroom is a bit dated but that is not the whole reason for replacing a bath. If you look in the pic with the vanity missing on the left you see plywood.

Plywood under tile over time has a tendency to get loose. Why? Wood retains moisture and the mortar comes loose. Yes the floor had loose tile, that is the MAIN reason for the tear out, plus it was a bit dated.













With all the tile and floor gone we found that the joist by the outside wall was about 3/4 of an inch to high. Meaning that joist needed to come down to make the floor level. Not to mention the water I caused by cutting out the floor. Which took a few hours to fix.













With the drywall back up and plywood down this is all just to make sure the walls and floor are as level as they can be. I tried this new product I have not used before “Ditra Schluter” that the manufacture’s name. The product is not cheap almost $2 a square foot.
















Now with the tile down the floor was the pain in the butt with all the cuts. Also took a few days for the mortar to dry since it was sooo hot and humid when the floor want down.

Lets talk a little on Price all the tile, mortar and grout was about $400-$500 from a big box retailer. Wall tiles 13 cents each used over 400 tiles. As for the floor 68 cents each.




























What is left after that is to put in all the accessories. Like mirror, vanity toilet towel bars, toilet paper roll all of it was included with the vanity at the big box retailer for $250, toilet $88 and energy efficient, save money on water use.



























Looks nice, Right? For a little over $1,100 almost the whole bathroom redone. The shower and tube stayed in, it is all fiberglass and still in good shape, no reason to replace something that is still in working order and looks nice. Labor is not accounted for since I did all the work. I put in 2 weekends 4 days and 3. Did not work all that time some days the work was quick due to having to wait for stuff to dry.   But lets say I spend 40 hours and at $20 per hour that adds up to $800. All in with labor and materials just under $2,000.

What is my return on Investment? Can now I ask for more rent? Most likely. If the house worth more now? Most likely. What will happen now? Right now, nothing the tenant has a new bathroom no increase in rent. I feel it will make them say longer.


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