7 Questions To Find A Good Realtor.

The first question you should as yourself is what are you doing? Looking for a house to live in or a house to buy and rent out? I will cover buy and rent out.

Next question are you going to be doing the leasing or would you prefer to leave it to the Realtor?

Now this can be 2 different people one to sell you properties and the other to rent them out. For this post I will only focus on just purchase property from Realtor’s.

1 Do you work with real estate investor?

This question can be misleading to you more of a Yes or No question.

1.1 What type of real estate investor do you work with?

I like this question better do to getting a better responce on the type of real estate the Realtor sells to investor. And what real estate investor are purchasing right  at this moment. Can lead to another question “where are investor buying right now?”

2 How long have you been a Realtor?

This question gives you a gauge on their experience. Now If you call me and ask me “I have NO experience as a Realtor   “but what I do have is about 25 years of experience as a real estate investor.” If they have no experience this can be a good thing cause you can mold them into what you are looking for. Sometimes more so then with experienced Realtor.

3 Do you invest in real estate?

If they do not it’s not a bad thing just depend on they deals they send over. If you explain to them what you are looking for and they don’t get it move on. Be sure to explain to the Realtor what you are looking for if you don’t you will waste both the Realtor’s and your time.

4 What types of Real estate do you specialize in?

There are more and more designation out there for different thing like short sales(Certified Distressed Property Expert), IREM, CCIM..

5 How many properties did you sell last your?

6 How many listing do you currently have?

To know how active they are in real estate.

7. Do you know any good real estate attorneys, closing agents, CPA’s, or insurance agents?

Always be asking for referrals do to the one you currently have may not be up to you standards or not have the knowledge that you need them to have.


I know I said 7 but it was 9. Now this is just the start their are plenty more question you can ask don’t be limited by what i put down here.



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