The reason I started this site was to share what I know about real estate and other forms of passive investing.  When I was doing that earlier (real estate investing) I did not know there was a platform like this to share knowledge and learn.  I see people struggling to make their businesses work. They put in so many hours to achieve the american dream. Most who start a business fail or give up. I plan to use this passiveinvestor.com as well as other social media site to spead the word about passive investing.

This is now a lifelong journey for knowledge. You should never stop learning.

“It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop” -Confucius

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Why I started this site: The First thing I would like to tell you is not to trust me. I can only tell you about what I know though my experiences in life and investing. Well years ago when I was younger I had a rather large building. At least for a 24 year old w/ …

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Thanks for coming to this page to download the income-expenses file please click on the “download” button below. Use it in your real estate it should help u with bookkeeping and keep track of how your real estate is doing for you. Share/Bookmark

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By: Les Chatfield

What is the Fiscal Cliff?

In simple terms: 1. $110 Billion in spending cuts. 2. About $400 Billion in tax increases.   Lets break this down a bit more. The $110 Billion in cuts is the easy part to explain.   $55 Billion in Defense and $55 in non-defense. Current US budget is about $3.8 Trillion with only  $2.6 Trillion only in revenue. So that means $1.2 Trillion is borrowed. What …

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